About Glo Organic


Canadian entrepreneur and a beauty enthusiast Kiersten Barbara was inspired to create a range of products that provide the benefits of sun care to modernized shoppers. A community driven brand dedicated to challenging the world to change the way we view sun care and skin health; with products that look just as good on a vanity as they do on the skin. 

After two years of extensive research and development (think: cool white lab coats) we’ve been able to create the hybrid between skincare and self tanning. We’ve made it our mission to cater to our communities needs as the breakthrough brand that redefines what it means to #PracticeSafeSkin.

our promise

Glo Organic’s formula is second-to-none, boasting 7 superfood derived ingredients and a variety of essential plant extracts, cruelty free, paraffin free, silicone free and paraben free. Bottles are proudly made with recycled glass to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint and reduce landfill.

The Glo ethos

watch your language

“From the beginning, the words “fake tan” never resonated well with me. Glo Organic embodies the feelings of what it means to look good, feel good and do good.Responsible luxury means doing good for our skin, our bodies and for our planet.I never understood why “fake tan” was such a widely used term in the industry.When referring to a luxury lip gloss, we don’t refer to it as “fake lips” or foundation as “fake skin”- so why fake tan? Enhancing, evening and illuminating are words we love to use at Glo Organic. On our journey of redefining beauty, we know it starts with the environment we create for our community. This is our commitment to changing the language of beauty. Real products made from real ingredients for real humans- nothing fake.” - Kiersten Barbara (Founder)