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3 Things to Know About Hair Removal Before Getting a Spray Tan

There are a number of ways to get a perfect, smooth, and even tan and a spray tan is one of the fastest ways to get one. However, there are some precautions you’ll have to take before getting a spray tan, as you’ll have to prep your skin correctly. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting an uneven tan—and we wouldn’t want that!

One of the ways to prep your skin is through exfoliating it to get rid of the dead skin, moisturizing so that it’s hydrated and supple, and removing hair to ensure a nice and seamless tan. Here’s what you should know about removing unwanted hair before getting a spray tan:


Shaving is one of the more effective ways of removing your hair prior to getting a spray tan. In fact, this is the method that most beauticians will recommend! The best time to get hairless is the day before you get a spray tan, so make sure your legs, underarms, and other areas are shaved by then. This will leave you almost hairless once the spray tan is applied, which will help it adhere more effectively.

There are other benefits to shaving prior to getting a spray tan. Apart from exfoliation, shaving actually helps remove dead skin cells! This will help you achieve a more even tan. However, steer clear of shaving once you’ve applied your spray tan. Otherwise, you’ll risk removing some of the tan, which will bring an uneven shade to your skin!

Waxing and Plucking

Waxing is another way to get rid of your hair prior to your spray tan appointment, although this should be done two to three days before. This is because, unlike shaving, waxing will open up your pores. If the spray tan is applied too soon, your pores will get irritated, causing skin issues that you’ll definitely not want. Some of the tan might even build up in your pores, which might give you a nasty infection.

The same goes for plucking. If you’re only removing a hair or two, then you should be fine, but you definitely should not pluck your hair if you’re planning to clear up entire sections. Your pores will also be opened up, so you’ll want to give them plenty of time to rest before applying spray tan.

Laser Hair Removal

This type of hair removal is the most long-lasting and effective, but you’ll also need to wait a while before applying a spray tan. You also can’t come in for laser hair removal while wearing a spray tan, as this can interfere with the laser and may cause some unwanted side effects.

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least a day after your laser hair removal before getting a spray tan, but you’ll have to consult the technician on the best timeline. Laser hair removal leaves your skin in a vulnerable and sensitive state, so you’ll want to make sure it’s fully recovered before coming in for a spray tan.


Properly preparing your skin for a spray tan is crucial to making sure your tan is evenly applied and lasts as long as possible. By keeping these three tips in mind, you’ll have smooth and supple skin that’s primed for a glowing spray tan!

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