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5 Beautiful Reasons to Get a Spray Tan Before Your Vacation

Getting sunless tanning can seem like an absurd idea to some, but in fact, it can help you increase your holiday enjoyment in various ways! It’s always a pleasant experience to go on vacation and visit the nicest beaches out there to switch off and unwind. However, what’s not nice is to arrive at your dream destination feeling so pale and pasty! Have you ever thought of relaxing by the beach and sipping your favorite cocktail while being more blinding than the sun? This might not be an attractive picture at all.

Although the usual solution is to panic-tan on the first day, this can actually damage your skin and cause it to age prematurely. Fortunately, sunless or natural spray tans are much healthier ways for you to achieve that beach-ready look without damaging your skin.

While there are many misconceptions around spray tanning before your holiday, there are plenty of reasons it’s the best (and healthiest) idea:

1. You’ll arrive feeling bronzed and beautiful

Say goodbye to panic-tanning and say hello to a lovely first day on the beach! Instead of spending the first hours working on getting a perfect tan, you can completely skip that part and go ahead with the activities you have planned and looked forward to. You don’t have to feel like a pasty after stepping out on the beach on the first day.

2. You’ll get to take great photos right away

You no longer have to worry about pale white complexion in photos. Whether it’s on day one or the last of the trip, you will get that confidence in knowing that the spray tan has got your back.

3. You’ll look toned

If you didn’t have the time to hit the gym before the trip, you can rely on the spray tan to still make your muscles pop. A perfectly-tanned body can easily make you look toned and amazing while enjoying the great outdoors!

4. You’ll have time for the natural tan to set in

Since you already have a tan upon arriving, there’s no need to rush in getting a tan or having to sit under the sun for hours. As a result, you’ll enjoy your planned activities without worrying about getting that perfect tan because it’s already there!

You also don’t have to worry about the spray tan becoming streaky. When done by a professional, rest assured that your tan will hold out long enough until you have already started to develop a real tan from the sun. Although you’ve left all bronzed out, you now can come back looking even more bronzed and golden!

5. You’ll feel good about yourself

Being tan has become synonymous with having a healthy glow. This is because it makes you look good and healthy, and so it naturally makes you feel good from within. When you feel good about yourself, nothing can stop you from enjoying your vacation!


Getting a spray tan before leaving for your next vacation will only be helpful. Besides being affordable, it is also much easier and healthier than lying on a tanning bed under the sun for hours. Now that you have that desired glow, you have the time and the opportunity to actually do things that you enjoy!

Looking for ways to get a healthy and completely organic spray tan in Toronto? Get in touch with us at Glo Organic today. We use only non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients in our spray tans to feel and look good for your next beach trip!

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