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How to Keep That Spray Tan Glow for Longer - Our Guide

Walking into the office looking like you’ve spent your weekend in the Maldives is a great way to boost your confidence and really feel good about yourself. The thing is, not all of us have the luxury to travel to a far-flung beach and soak up the sun. Good thing there are spray tans that can give you a quick and natural-looking glow with very little effort!

Unfortunately, your golden goddess glow won’t stay around forever. However, there are ways for you to prolong it. Typically, a spray tan glow is at its best in the first week and then starts to fade once it hits its two-week mark. To help you maximize the results and enjoy that sun-kissed look for longer, here’s a list of what you can do to make sure you have the best spray tan glow for as long as possible:

Prepare your body for that glow session

The day before your tanning salon appointment, make it a point to prepare your skin for the upcoming procedure. The best way to do this is with skin exfoliating. This will allow you to remove dry, flaky, and old skin from your body, giving the spray tan a smooth, healthy surface to cling to. It will also ensure a more even spray application without blotches and streaks.

An easy and less abrasive way to exfoliate your body is to use a washcloth. Soak your body in warm water, then rub a bit of bath salt onto your skin. Follow that up with a small amount of glorious essential oils for a more calming experience, and start lightly rubbing your washcloth all over your body.

Talk to your skin doctor before you get that glow

Some people can be allergic to certain ingredients found in spray tan products. It’s always best to be extra safe before allowing foreign substances to come into contact with your body. You can also do proper research and look for salons that offer chemical-free products or organic spray tans.

You don’t want to have to spend two weeks having irritated skin while trying to maintain your spray tan glow. It’ll be a traumatic and horrible experience that will ruin the entire look.

Skip the body oils

Another enemy of spray tans besides dry skin is oil. Oils prevent your skin from absorbing and allowing the spray tan dye to stick. Another issue is that the compounds contained in oil moisturizers can affect the ingredients of the spray tan that you use. It may affect its pigmentation and how long it’ll last on your body.

If you’re worried about getting your skin dry before, during and after your spray tan, you can use lotions without oils in their ingredients instead. You don’t want to skip moisturizing your skin while you have a tan, so it’s time to make lotions your new best friend.

Maintain your glow

A professional tip that you can do to maintain your glow is to mix in a few toppers or self-tanning drops to your moisturizer. This way, if you find uneven patches or if you see that it’s starting to fade, you can quickly do a fix and help your glow look fresh and goddess-like. By regularly doing this, you’ll get a more natural spray tan look.


Like all things temporary, your beautiful fake beach glow will fade, and you’ll have to do this process all over again. However, if you start following these tips for every session, we guarantee that you will look like you came from a weekend in Ibiza with your perfect natural spray tan look.

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