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Protecting Your Skin: 6 Easy Spray Tan Aftercare Tips To Follow

Congratulations on getting your sunless tan! Now that you have your dream skin colour, you need to remember that you will need to take specific steps if you want to enjoy your glow for a longer time. Keep in mind that the aftercare steps are just as necessary as your preparation steps because they keep your skin safe and healthy.

If you are thinking about how you can protect your skin, here are six spray tan aftercare tips that are easy to follow:

1. Wear the proper undies

You might have heard about the importance of wearing no underwear or your least favourite underwear during your tanning session because of the chances of staining it during the process. After your session, you should also avoid wearing tight panties or those that would rub off on your skin and create a visible panty line because that visible line can rub off your tan in just 24 hours.

Remember, the first few hours after the session is the most critical time for your tan, so always be careful with what you do during those moments. In some salons, they provide paper panties to their clients as it removes the chance of acquiring panty lines.

2. Put on loose clothes

Similar to the idea behind the paper panties, you should also avoid wearing tight clothes for an entire day after your tanning session. If you wore loose clothes before going into the salon, consider wearing the same clothes again after that. Likewise, it is best to choose a dark-coloured outfit and sandals for footwear to lessen the chances of staining any of them. Wearing anything tight, whether it is your bra, pants, or shoes, can affect the tanned look you just got.

3. Avoid any water or moisture

Keep in mind that your tanning solution needs a certain amount of time before your skin absorbs it. Ask your tanning technician when's the best time for you to get a shower after your session. This is because each client has different waiting time recommendations based on their skin requirements, the solution used on their skin, and the depth of colour they chose, among others.

On average, at least six hours is needed for rest before you get to have your shower. Before then, or the time personally recommended for you, be sure to avoid any forms of liquid touching your body – no pool, rain, and beach. At the same time, keeping the tanning solution on your skin for more than 12 hours is also not ideal, so be sure to follow the expert's advice.

4. Take a shower the correct way

When it is time to take a shower, there are some proper procedures you must follow:

  • Shower quickly

  • Use lukewarm water

  • Do not use soap

  • Do not exfoliate

  • Avoid washing your hair. If needed, make sure it doesn’t touch your skin.

  • Instead of rubbing with your towel, only dab it to dry your skin.

You'll notice that the water will turn brown when you wash, but don't panic. This colour is from the bronzer you have and not the tan itself.

5. Moisturize after

The amount of time you'll have your tan will depend on how moisturized your skin is. If you do not moisturize, you can expect to have dry skin, which will result in patches. Use oil-free body lotion as much as possible. Otherwise, the oil from your moisturizer would only block the skin from absorbing all the skin nutrients, limiting your skin tan's lifespan. Similarly, make sure that your body only has contact with oil-free products for a lasting tanned effect.

6. Limit your exposure to exfoliation and shaving

Both these activities threaten to affect the surface of your tanned skin. If you want to keep your natural spray tan for a longer time, limit these activities as much as possible. However, if shaving is a must-do, be sure to shave lightly and slowly.


Ultimately, the time you get to enjoy your tan depends not only on your tanning salon's service but also on how well you take care of your skin after the session. By following the six aftercare steps mentioned above, you ensure that you have already started on the right foot.

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