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You Asked, We Answered: Showering After A Spray Tan?

A natural spray tan is absolutely one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry today. This cosmetic technique provides individuals with that bronzed glow, highlighting their beautiful skin tone.

In case you’re planning to get one in the near future, it is crucial that you maximize the results with the proper aftercare tips. Here are some of the things that you should remember:

The Best Time To Shower After A Spray Tan

If you’re new to tanning, you may have no idea of when you should shower after your spray tan. Our tip is to wait it out for at least 4-8 hours, but avoid putting it off any more than 24 hours. If you notice that your shower water isn’t running clear, don’t be alarmed. It isn’t uncommon for some extra tanning solution to come off as you bathe. It shouldn’t affect the look of your tan in the least!

While you wait for your tan to develop, it isn’t just a shower you should be avoiding. Avoid moisture at all costs. This means you may have to skip the gym and go barefaced for a day. It may be a little inconvenient, but leaving your skin be for a few hours after your tan is crucial for that attractive glow.

The Best Way To Shower After A Spray Tan

It isn’t just knowing when to shower after your spray tan appointment—it’s also knowing how. The first and most important thing to remember is that this isn’t the time for a long, hot shower. Save the bathtub soak for another time and opt for a quick shower instead, using oil-free body wash and lukewarm water.

Harsh scrubbing is not advisable as exfoliation could scrub off the solution. What you should do is to apply an oil-free body wash on your body using just your hands and then rinse. Refrain from using soaps as they have harsh chemicals that can strip your skin. After your shower, avoid vigorously rubbing your skin with a towel. Pat your body dry with a microfiber towel and moisturize with a mild moisturizer.

Ensuring Your Tan Stays As Long As Possible

Nobody likes seeing a beautiful tan fade more quickly than it should. Here are a few of our tips for ensuring your tan sticks around for as long as possible:

  1. Before going to your appointment, take a shower and use a gentle exfoliator to soften dry patches and clear off any dead skin cells. This creates a great and smooth base for the tanning solution.

  2. Don’t forget to shave or wax prior to your appointment. This is helpful not only to eliminate any stray dead skin cells but also to remove any hair that could block the spray tan from being applied smoothly.

  3. Anyone who gets spray tans knows that moisturizing is key. In fact, moisturize both before and after your appointment! Skipping this could leave you with dry and flaky skin, which would then affect the final look of your tan.

By following our tips, you ensure the final results of your tan are worth your while!


Sunless tanning is one quick and effective way to achieve that attractive and stunning skin glow. And if you want to keep your tan looking gorgeous for a longer period of time, then make sure to follow all the above-mentioned tips!

Looking to get the perfect spray tan in Toronto? Then don’t hesitate to contact us here at Glo Organic and book your first appointment!

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