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Your Ultimate Tanning Checklist to Help Keep Your Summer Glow

Canada is still in the mode of summer, which means you have enough time to spend under the sun and get that glowing tan you've always wanted. The best look that you can rock this summer is a natural tan from the beach.

Spending time under the sun is the most natural way to get the golden glow that you've always wanted. However, if going to the beach isn't an option, you can always opt to tan in your yard or balcony or set up an appointment with a natural tanning service near your area.

Getting a tan is easy, but keeping your skin glowing and gold can be tricky if you don't follow proper tanning steps. Here is a checklist you can use to help prevent your tan from fading:

Practice a proper skincare routine before you tan

A few days before your scheduled beach trip or tanning salon appointment, make sure you prep your skin by doing an intensive full-body routine. A step you should remember is to exfoliate your body.

Through exfoliation, you remove the dead skin cells in your body and reveal a new set of skin cells. When you have dead skin cells on your body, chances are you will get uneven tans and ultimately increase the odds of your tan to fade quicker.

Ditch the hot water, and take cold showers instead

If you've used tanning products during your beach trip or have gotten a tanning service, you'll need to stay away from hot showers for a while. When you use hot water, you open the pores in your skin and ultimately push out the products that your skin has absorbed.

Another reason is that hot showers dehydrate your skin and strips it from natural oils. The natural oils found in your body are factors that keep your tan from fading.

Always keep your skin moisturized and your body hydrated

Being out in the sun and getting tanning services remove the natural moisture that is in your skin. Remember to moisturize your skin and keep yourself hydrated.

After taking a shower, make it a point to moisturize your skin with body lotion or oils. This will help repair sun damage that you may have received during your tanning session.

When you're not hydrated enough, it will translate into your skin. Aside from moisturizing, make sure you are adequately hydrated inside. This way, your skin will be able to regenerate and help keep your tan glowing.

Help your tan stay longer by using tan extenders

Another way to keep your tan is by using tan extending products. There are many available natural tanning products and extenders that can help keep your skin glowing. These tanning extenders help prevent your tan from fading and losing your desired colour.

Most tanning salons have a variety of tanning products and extenders to choose from. The challenge here is finding the most natural and safe product that you can apply to your skin.


Getting your desired beach tan glow is incredibly easy; the hard work comes when you have to maintain it. By following these steps and using the right natural beauty products, you will be able to keep your glow and look like you've come fresh from the beach every single time. Now that you know how to keep that glow, pack your bags or book a tanning service to get the golden glow you've always wanted.

Glo Organic is a company that specializes in natural tanning services in Toronto. Our team of tanning experts gives our clients the custom glow that they've always desired. Check out our services and book an appointment today!

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